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SCH 40 Pipe and Fittings .


PVC pipe, acronym for Poly-Vinyl-Chloride, is the widest used thermoplastic polymer in the West for delivering liquids from one place to the next. Whether bringing water to a crop or field, filling up the pool on a hot summer day, or depositing chemical waste into an appropriate area of disposal, the modern conveniences of American life would scarcely be possible without the application of PVC in its plethora of forms and uses.
Lacking the trace elements of lead and other harmful contaminants of earlier piping methods, PVC has been the mainstay of irrigation, plumbing and chemical transport for over 50 years thanks to its versatility, reliability and affordable sustainability in manufacturing. The surpluses in farming and agriculture simply would not have reached their incredible levels without this form of plastic pipe.
PVC 40

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