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Irrigation Products and Fittings .


Drip Irrigation is a cost effective and resource conscientious method of irrigating crops or ornamentals with comparably minute amounts of water than traditional irrigation techniques. Often using a series of flexible hoses in varying sizes, water is delivered to specific feed locations through appropriately selected emitters.
The product solution you require for any given irrigation project will likely vary depending on the species of flora you wish to grow. Understanding the needs of your plants will be crucial to designing a well-kept garden or field.
The drip irrigation products we carry pair very well with electrical timers, offering a more ‘hands-free’ experience in watering your plants, as well as a measured application of watering needs that takes much of the hassle out of gardening or farming.
Drip Irrigation


Sprinkler systems are the traditional standard for irrigation systems in Western civilization. Comprised of a plastic or metal body attached to a water supply through pipes and fittings, the sprinkler nozzle throws large volumes of water over a designated area to facilitate growth of any flora in its radius.
Sprinklers come in varying shapes, styles and sizes depending on the application that calls for them - whether spraying long distance for a field of grass or broadcasting droplets in a rain pattern over large swathes of crop-lines, sprinkler systems remain a versatile staple of any irrigation project.


Fallbrook Irrigation is a proud distributor of Hunter Industries products, from sprinklers and regulators, to drip lines and garden valves - however nothing truly exemplifies working smarter (and not harder) as heavily as their exceptional selection of electrical irrigation timers. From the humble Hunter Node working a single valve on a 9v battery, to their industrial scale 56 station mega-timer like the ICC, Hunter has the edge in state-of-the-art technology for hands-free care of gardens, groves and grand resorts the world over. Operating through 18awg low voltage wire, these timers keep valves opening and closing on strict schedules dictated by the consumer to meet their every need in irrigation, with many options to upgrade a given unit to account for weather, season, or even an unexpected delay in returning from vacation. Replete with the latest blutooth and wifi technology, Hunter Timers maintain the dynamism and reliability any landscaper or garden enthusiast truly needs to enjoy a lush and thriving irrigation ecosystem.
Whether you serve clients professionally to build their grand vision of a gorgeous backyard getaway, or find yourself weary of tending a myriad of valves across your property, installing a Hunter Timer is an investment that returns over and over with reliability, efficiency, and affordability every single time.

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